The agency brief is the sapling from which all advertising and marketing campaigns come to life. That sapling will determine whether you end up with a flourishing rose garden or a wild mess. Simply put, an ill-conceived brief will lead to misdirection that affects the creatives negatively. Even the best creative minds cannot do justice to an ill-composed brief.

  • This is perhaps the most important question that needs answering as it will drive the creative direction, style and tonality of our project. In the creative and advertising industry, we function on an outcome-based model, which is why it’s crucial for us to know the outcome that we’re aiming to achieve.

  • Data and insights are valuable tools of the modern trade. Presenting your advertising agency with insights into the current market scenario and shedding light on any issues within the ecosystem, will allow the creative team to engage the project from an informed position. It is important not to underestimate or undervalue information as an enabler.

  • This is where you can share your research about the target audience. Specific details are required about the demographic with insights into their behavior, shopping patterns, social media trends, etc. Particular details regarding their thoughts and feelings about your brand / product / service are a must-have if we’re going to present the complete picture.

  • This is the crunch of your brief. This is where years of research and development have brought you. This will be the crux of our campaign strategy. We need a crisp one liner that will capture the essence of your product / service. As such, this is something that needs a lot of thought on your part.

  • It is vital to consider how your campaign will be delivered. Choosing the right platform(s) for delivery is going to be a business-critical decision as your brand / product / service may be better suited to certain modes of communication than others. You need to carefully consider your delivery strategy for optimized results.

  • You can opt to add a schedule for deliverables here and mention the budget as well. This will help our creative team to work within the stipulated timeframe and ensure that they’re aware of budget constraints (if any), so that there’s no wastage. A smart brief to your creative agency can go a long way in ensuring timely delivery with minimal iterations.