With a brief yet eventful history in the management of brands, we partner with our clients to ensure that their perceived image is in-line with their marketing objectives. Playing the fiddle as a strategic partner, we look to lend that business-critical edge to brands whilst upholding the highest standards. We are proactive in exploring opportunities that will add value to your business.

Well-established among leading advertising agencies, we have helped furnish the image of brands and products across verticals. Going beyond the usual collaterals, we are strategic consultants who offer holistic, end-to-end marketing solutions. We’ve created brands from scratch, designed their identities and rolled them out across channels including print and digital. Over the last few years, we’ve delivered branding packages that have worked wonders for our clients by grabbing the attention of potential customers, proving a good return on investment.

We have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes from the get-go, achieving the desired outcomes with regard to their business objectives. You can check out our extensive portfolio and ascertain our cutting-edge capabilities for yourself.

If you’re deliberating upon which advertising agency to work with, this will allow you to make an informed decision. There’s an old saying that goes ‘the proof is in the pudding’, and we at Circuit 9 adhere to this golden rule, so rest assured that all our projects live up to the highest quality standards.


As a strategic advertising agency, we not only lend our clients the edge, but we also capture the core of what they represent into a visually-captivating identity. Our belief is that brands should not only enchant, but must deliver a key message to the audience with a specific outcome in mind. This is the advantage of working with an advertising agency that values strategy. Apart from strategy, impeccable execution and professional branding play a key role in the success of any enterprise.

Getting this mix right is very much what Circuit 9 specializes in.


We exist to transform businesses through creativity. Our duty is to enhance the performance of enterprises. Simply put, we proactively prepare our clients for the challenges of tomorrow. It’s fair to say our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We remain client-focused at all times, ensuring they have a positive experience during every interaction. Our team is always accessible and they’re a rare blend of skill and zeal. They care about what they do and why they do it.
Meet the team and find out what makes us tick.


Discover how our branding and creative services can empower your business.


Although we have streamlined processes, we can be flexible when and where it matters.


Learn more about our mission, vision and purpose to determine if Circuit 9 is the right fit for your needs.


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We’re an unpretentious, flexible and boundaryless agency that attracts the best creative minds. We’ve got some big people on board, with decades-worth experience, who are big enough to cast aside their egos and bring their ‘A’ game to the table every time.

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Founder & Director

Popularly known as AJ, he’s been an advertising addict for most of his life, and done everything from print media and dotcoms to 360 degree marketing communications. Coming with decades-worth experience in the ad industry, Ajay has managed prestigious brands like Microsoft, Apollo Munich Heath Insurance, Uninor, Panasonic, Reuters, Huawei, Domino’s, Best Foods and many more in his previous role as Business Director at Quasar Media (a GroupM company). With complete mastery over both digital and offline channels of communication, he is recognized as one of the strongest advertising professionals in the country. An avid entrepreneur who’s prized for his networking skills, Ajay maintains excellent relationships with fellow advertisers, clients and publishers.

Whether you ask clients or peers, they will tell you the same thing about Ajay – that he is a brand-builder and end-to-end marketing solutions provider. Ajay brings a surgical science to an art with his deep knowledge of brands, target audiences and market landscapes. If your brand finds itself at a crossroads, Ajay’s the guy who will give you a new set of wheels to race ahead of the competition.


Founder & Director

Raghu’s unique background of having worked at an agency as well as the client’s side has given him a distinct advantage in the advertising industry. A brilliant designer, he brings extensive experience from his previous roles at Origami, Sobha Developers and Puravankara. His strengths include a strong strategic understanding of client requirements, boundless energy and a design thinking philosophy. He also knows the importance of working together to generate great ideas. Raghu is also a brilliant photographer, and his positive attitude, unrestrained creative thinking and the ability to execute makes him an asset to any team.

Perspective is what makes Raghu one of the best creative minds in the business. He proactively dives into the clients’ shoes even before the brief comes in. At the end of the day, an agency can have a stellar list of clients, but if there’s no one to truly understand and execute all of their holistic needs, then there’s no pride or purpose in any of the work an agency does. You can’t innovate and produce great creative work without perspective, and that’s precisely what Raghu brings to the table.

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Although we are a performance-based agency, we’re fully aware that if people are having fun at work (whilst ensuring deadlines and results are met of course), they’re going to work harder, stay longer and take better care of the company. As Richard Branson said, “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.” We find a ringing truth in that philosophy. Circuit 9ers work hard, but we also know how to turn up the volume. Come, walk with us through just another day in the life of a Circuit 9er and experience what it’s like to work at a truly boundaryless organization.

  • The morning is like ‘a calm before the storm’. People check their mails, check Facebook, even check their vitals if they’ve had a long night in town, full of raging and reveling.
  • The job list is sent out, followed by that first cup of magic known as coffee. Spoiler alert: In any organization, especially a creative advertising agency, coffee is king. You do not question its omnipotent power and its domineering grasp over you.
  • Briefs start flying left, right and center. It’s the invasion of the briefs. The only conclusion drawn at this point is that – the briefs shall inherit the earth.
  • You start on the deliverables, turbocharged by your third cup of coffee, you start multitasking with four hands and an extra pair of eyes at the back of your head.
  • Hey man, stop what you’re doing. Meals are served! Lunch is a communion feast at Circuit 9. After all, “A family that eats together stays together”. In fact, we do most of our bonding over lunch time, be it talking about sports or the (dis)advantages of married life.
  • Then comes the ceremonial post-lunch ‘fresh air’ break, which is a proven digestive aid in the high-octane corporate world. But the real fun starts after lunch when … Oops! Sorry, that’s as far as we can take you for now. To know more, you’ll just have to get yourself a Circuit 9 ID card.