Corporate Videos/ Presentations

We create videos that enable companies to present themselves and their corporate image in detail. They can be used to address audiences in person or in proxy. Animation or flash-presentations are one of our key strengths. At Circuit 9, our broadcast management services include creation and editing on all formats, including film, digital and animation.

Product Videos

The AV format is a great way to showcase products and services to a large audience. At Circuit 9, we also develop storyboards, professional scripts and direction enhanced with imaginative after-effects, 3D & 2D animation and modeling, professional voiceovers and music.


At Circuit 9, we have expanded our role as an ad agency to produce documentary films on various subjects for a variety of audiences. Our aim is to make thought provoking films that create an impact and hit the right cord through a strong script and artistic direction.

Short Films

We create short films that help businesses and other organizations connect to their audiences in the direct and concise manner. The films can be an ad agency take on latest issues, corporate, fiction, non-fiction, or product-based, as short as three minutes and as long as an hour and a half.

Voice Overs

Videos, radio advertisements and commercials come alive with the right kind of voice overs, which become the voice of products or brands. The mixture of perfect modulations, tone, depth, accent, pronunciation, enunciation, flow and clarity are the key ingredients for the perfect voice over. Our broadcast management services include coordination with the leading voice over artists to get the best in the industry.

Still Photography

We provide still life photography services for every area of work including real estate, industrial, fashion, interiors, products and displays. At Circuit 9, we have some of the best talent available on contract as well as associations with leading photographers to create custom images that create impact.

Flash Presentations

Flash presentations are compelling business communication tools, and are more relevant now with an upsurge in the field of animation and multimedia interactivity. We create flash presentations that include multimedia options such as voice over, music, embedded video clips, interactivity options and other custom functionality.

Interactive Presentations

At Circuit 9, we design interactive multimedia presentations that speak to consumers even in the absence of the promoter through the use of graphics, sound, voice over and animation to create an effect which has the capacity to engage consumers. We assist our clients in every aspect of creating a relationship with their customers with the high innovation and interaction level of the presentations.

2-D Animation

A mixture of frame-to-frame storyboard, character designing, background setting, cell animation and design of each scene gives a perfect 2-D animation. We give you this perfect animation with our team of visualizers, designers, illustrators and developers. Now you don’t have to think twice to develop cute and impactful viral campaigns.

3-D Animation

Preparing corporate films, modeling, layout, animation and rendering, Circuit 9 as an advertising agency performs all the tasks related to 3-D animation. The 3-D modeling gives a clear idea about the final product. We excel in architecture 3-D Modeling, 3-D Rendering exterior, 3D Rendering Interior, 3-D floor plan, 3-D Industrial Modeling, 3-D Facade and architectural 3-D exhibition pavilions.

Virtual Walkthroughs

We help our clients develop the 3-D architectural walkthroughs. The virtual tour of the structure prior to the physical development helps consumers understand the holistic view of the final architecture. Our highly skilled team of designers helps companies visualize and create walkthroughs that develop long lasting impressions with consumers.