Circuit 9 helps companies keep their brand active without excessive spending through effective Below the Line strategy. Economic slowdowns, shrinking budgets and unexplained RoIs have accelerated this shift as companies are now more focused on ROI/ROEs and agencies are more and more accountable. We enable judicious minimization of spends and maximization of returns through creative innovation.

Point of Sale

At Circuit 9, we create designs for point of sale collateral that creates a connect between brands and consumers. Our services include design and production of coupons, wobblers, standees, tent cards, posters, stickers, POS displays and much more.


We design and develop media and non-media marketing communication that are employed increase consumer demand and stimulate market demand. Our work includes supporting both consumer sales promotions as well as trade sales promotions to facilitate sales increases, new product acceptance and creation of brand equity and corporate image.


At Circuit 9, our below the line services includes merchandising. We help companies promote their brands and products through use of a wide variety of merchandise such as T shirts, caps, pens, key chains, laptop bags, table pads, clocks, dairies & organizers, trophies and awards.

Digital & Interactive

At Circuit 9, we help companies use digital and social media as an integral part of their below the line activity. Our BTL strategy for digital is aimed at creating relationships with customers online.