TG Definition

At Circuit 9, we help companies in identifying which market segments to target in order to maximize their ROI from print media. We define TGs that enable companies to focus their marketing budgets and brand messages on specific SECs and hence develop efficiency.

Market Prioritization

We strive to align business objectives with market segments to ensure that our clients succeed. At Circuit 9, our process of market prioritization factors in market growth rates, competitive density, cost to serve and costs of market entry, apart from many other criteria.

Media Planning

In the modern marketplace, visibility is a key factor in success of brand. Most of the time, what is seen is that which is sold. We arrange your brand communication to be placed at sites vulnerable to eyeball hits. A complete print media plan is etched out keeping the geographics and objectives in view.

Media Buying

We help you in negotiating your print advertisement placements to publishers and suppliers. Through our professional expertise in buying the most exquisite, yet cost-effective places, we give you the edge for the maximum reach out. Our wide network helps you to execute your proceedings with the best possible standards.

Media Scheduling

Our print media scheduling services effectively select from the different techniques of continuity, flighting/bursting and pulsing to maximize ROI for our clients, based on the products or service categories. We create plans that efficiently identify the appropriate media channels used in the advertising campaign and specify insertion or broadcast dates, positions, and duration of the messages.

Media Plan Implementation

At Circuit 9, our media implementation services are practical executions that get modern print media working in your internal or external programs and get messages to where the audiences are. The right mix of new media modernizes marketing communications, gets more value for investment, embraces relevant audiences and meets modern expectations.