At Circuit 9, we believe that the entire ideation process from innovation to development and actualization is an essential component of the design process. We don’t just come up with big ideas, we also know how to identify ideas that will result in effective creative solutions for our clients.

Corporate Identity/Logo Design

We enable businesses to develop a corporate personality through our process of identity creation. At Circuit 9, we help companies display a particular character which it uses to relate to its target group. The identity is the public image, which helps businesses develop a relationship with its customers or audiences.


Brochures and catalogs are among the most professional ways to showcase businesses and products. They can be used to build a professional image for companies, event promotions, product sales, and introduction of products to the market. The custom designed brochures and catalogs we produce will distinguish your company and give you an advantage over your competition.

Annual Reports

The financial performance of companies and their activities during the course of a year are highlighted through the annual reports. At Circuit 9, we conceptualize and design annual reports to present companies in the best possible light before their customers, investors and stakeholders.


Newsletters and corporate magazines are inexpensive and persistent communication tools for companies to communicate to their audience. We design and develop creative newsletters that not only cost effective, but also update consumers on new products and offers to keep them engaged.

Direct Mailers

Direct mail is the high profit, low cost advertising medium. We design and integrate direct mail into marketing campaigns to target consumers on a one to one basis, while reinforcing existing marketing efforts. They have the capability to reach to large audiences and are an extremely reliable source of marketing today.


Posters are an extremely popular method of promoting brands, events, launches, market ventures and ideas to consumers. Our creative team is aware of the fact that a poster design can carry your brand to unbelievable distances. We develop customized concepts of posters with innovative visuals and graphical representations with corporate identity in view.

Packaging Design

The first thing that most consumers will see from a company will be its product packaging. In order to make that first impression last, we create custom designs that will capture their attention immediately. At Circuit9, we conceptualize innovative product packaging and design creative graphics that add to your brand identity, create awareness, and maximize sales and market share.

CD/DVD Jackets & Labels

Labeling and jackets are a very important part of branding. Circuit 9 has tremendous experience in designing creative CD and DVD jackets and inlays, which play a significant role in presenting products in an exclusive manner. The final outcome enables branding that directly connects to consumers, and is catchy, appealing and makes products stand-out.

E-Newsletters/ Mailers

Communicating with large audiences in a cost effective manner in made possible through the use of e-newsletters and e-mailers. Our expertise as an integrated advertising and marketing communications agency includes designing creative e-mailers and e-newsletters that enable brands to establish relationships with their customers.