Digital Engagement Across The Indian Mindset

Creating consumer engagement on Facebook is something that quite frankly, has been discussed ad nauseum over the internet / blogosphere. There isn’t anything new that anyone can add at this moment in time and almost everything that was said has become common knowledge. It’s a well-known fact that there is a direct (often sincere, sometimes not) appeal to the emotions of the visitors in order to get them to click / share / distribute the content.

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Still, after a while, you’re bound to run out of your bag of tricks. You repeat one thing too many times and not only will you devalue your content but the visitors will also feel less inclined to visit. This goes double for those that thrive on excess usage of memes and ‘edgy’ content. You can only force people’s attention so many times before they become sceptical and dismissive.
It’s always said that the best way to create engagement is through forming an emotional connect with the audience, and for once, we’re inclined to agree. But forming a social connect in such a massive nation with such diverse a populace is easier said than done. What may connect in one area / portion of the country may cause confusion / raised eyebrows in the other. So often it can be hard to see where the lines are blurred.

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It’s often said that the Indian audiences’ tastes are more emotional in nature and judging by what we know of them, may or may not conflict with the nature of the product in question. So in that aspect, even niche products have to find an ‘emotional route’ into the Indian market. This is advantageous because it works out both ways. It makes it easier to share information digitally and the chance of it being shared / generating leads are much more.
Indians also like the brand being presented in a holistic light, with clean imagery and text. While people have learned to adapt to sarcasm / dark humour over time, it’s still not as widespread here as it is in west. A lot of what’s considered ‘creative’ is just a different way of presenting age old concepts with a new twist. As the country continues to evolve, there is hope that things will pick up and new ideas will form.
If you’re a marketer / digital marketer, try and put your thinking cap on and try and smartly work around the parameters to make engaging content. Your great work may help people accept new ideas and paradigms.