About PPC Automation

If you were in the loop / observing marketing trends last year, you were probably aware of the some important changes that took place in Google Adwords. In case you weren’t, here’s the basic gist: Adwords is slowly inching towards automation as well, and is delimiting its self-operated bidding machines, or Adword automations, as they’re called

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Hence, it can be stated that control is slightly being taken away from the search marketers, and being put in the hands of the machines. In fact, Google even removed the bidding threshold for enhanced CPC campaigns. Usually, it’s an algorithm that allows respective bidding for queries it’s most likely to convert, but there was always a threshold – that’s now gone.
This particular change, as well as Google’s announcement of them being more ‘flexible’ with their accounts can be cause for worry to advertisers all over. This sort of thing can directly (or indirectly) account for the livelihoods of a lot of people in the business, and so there’s ample debate about control. Should you give it up to machines? If yes, then how much?

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This is in line with the role technology plays in our lives in general. The more technological solutions to tasks and problems, the more the question about the necessity of human input will be raised. Automation is often described by those who work on it, as a long march towards maximum efficiency, and that can often come into conflict with the human element and need for a workforce.
Still in this case, advances in automation technology means that marketers need to dive deep into funnel metrics and data software to get more strategic about PPC investments. Try and work their way around what’s available and still keep their reputation as ‘data driver marketers’. Also, changing consumer psychology might require work on elevating your ads in a way that can’t be automated, and it’s important to find that.