If surrogate advertising were to emerge from the text books, it would sound something like this, ‘Surrogate advertising refers to promoting a articular product extensively using its closely relevant substitute under the same umbrella brand. In the world of advertising the approach was just another way around an obstacle. Welcome to the world of advertising, welcome to the world of disguise.

Surrogate advertising is like masking the brand’s core product due to legal issues and promoting its substitute under the same umbrella brand.

This move was made by a clever head after the government banned advertising on liquor and cigarette products.

Brands which have a lot of restrictions to deal with need to look at innovative ways to reach out to their audiences including creating a brand buzz. Some brands associate themselves with events related to music and sports while the others promote mineral water, soda and other surrogates.

Let us take a few real time samples of the recent past. Here are five of the picks,

Seagram’s Imperial Blue

Men will be Men

The ‘men will be men’ and their yummy tuck out reaction at her leave. Aah, Now that’s a nice blend!


‘Large Chodo Aur Kuch Alag Karo Yaar’ (Translates: Drop the ‘large’ and do something different in life) When ‘large’ was raised and then cleverly spoofed.

Royal Stag

When the Royals went the motivational way


When the music kicks in to the rescue


Oo La La La Le O with good times