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There is a saying, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and in the case of cosmetics advertising, it holds more truth each passing day.
Whether you feel it’s acceptable or not, advertising has greatly influenced the perception of …

Battle of the brands

Listen to the words or look at an Apple advertisement.
The tagline “Think Different” pops up in our mind and we lose ourselves thinking about Steve Jobs and the popularity of Apple in our stream of consciousness.
When you’re enthusiastic about …

The Social Responsibility of Advertising

Advertising over the years has evolved beyond just focusing on grabbing consumer’s attention by catchy jingles, videos and packaging to a more refined medium with a certain sort of narrative. And while it’s still criticized for a lot of …

Digital PR Simplified

What is ‘public relations’?
As the name suggests, public relations is the way organizations, companies and individuals communicate facts and opinions with the public and the media. PR professionals engage audiences through platforms that do not require any direct financial …