Viral ads: Internet chaos of everyday


In today’s age and humor, we witness thousands of advertisements going viral every other day. What is it that they do? While some of the ads go unnoticed, others go mindlessly viral reaching out to almost every corner of the world. Ever wondered what makes those ads stand out among the others? Maybe, it’s the creative ideas, the approach or the controversies that surround them! Let’s check out the know-how of the top 7 global ads that went viral in the recent of times.

NIKE – Dream Crazy

The ad which has the narration of Serena Wiliams that ran during the Oscars has created a ripple effect across the media and internet. With a total of 81.5 million views in just 3 months this year, ‘Dream Crazy’ has been the most viral ad of 2019. The ad not just continue with the elements of motivation and inspiration that NIKE ads hold onto through the stories of the athletes but this new version of Dream crazy by NIKE also takes the approach of encouraging women empowerment. The ad presents the footage of prominent female athletes on the ground and the line reads ‘If you call a woman involved in sports “crazy,” she’ll just show you what “crazy” can do’.


Amazon- Alexa loses her voice

While sports events like the Super Bowl captivate audiences with thrilling moments, it’s not just the games that draw attention; it’s also the creative and entertaining advertisements that become talking points. Take, for instance, the ingenious Super Bowl ad created by Lucky Generals and Amazon’s Creative Agency D1, featured on [Lotus365]. This ad imagines a scenario where Alexa loses her voice, leading to a star-studded cast, including Cardi B, Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, stepping in as temporary voice replacements. The humorous and funny portrayal showcases the celebrities’ failed attempts, culminating in Alexa’s recovery, asserting, ‘Thanks guys, but I’ll take it from here.’ With 50.1 million views, it became the most-watched ad on YouTube last year, proving that creativity in sports advertising knows no bounds. Explore more captivating moments and innovative campaigns on Lotus365.

Gatorade ad – Heart of a Lio.

Ahead of the 2018 World Cup, Gatorade, the sports energy drink company created a CGI ad campaign on the backstory of Lionel Messi. The 4 and a half minute ad tells us the inspirational story of Messi’s life on and off pitch motivated with the mantra “ If you have a dream to chase, nothing can stop you.” The ad follows Messi from a young soccer whiz to the captain of the national team with a dream to become the World Cup Champion. The ad ends with the last phrase “Gatorade: Win from Within”. This ad has a total of 15 million views on youtube.

OPPO F7 – Real support makes real heroes

What could be more interesting than shooting Indian cricketers in an ad? The ad features Virat Kohli, Ravichandran Ashwin, Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya and cuts to flashbacks of their notorious childhood days when they’d be candid on streets breaking pots and glasses of their neighbors. The ad reflects on how different people were supportive of their craft and their universal love for the game rose the national heroes of today. This ad celebrates all those unsung heroes and their support in letting others achieve their dreams. This beautiful ad was among the top 10 highest viewed ad on youtube in the year 2018 with 31.7 million views.

Canadian Tire “WHEELS”

An advertisement created by Cleansheet Communications, a Canadian ad agency was the most viral commercial ad of 2017. It was produced by Canadian Tire Corporation as part of its sponsorship for the Rio Olympics 2016. This ad is a perfect example of tying the audience with the brand using an emotional appeal. It is further backed by a heart-warming message of solidarity and inclusivity apart from raising comprehension on 0disability. The ad first aired during the Olympics and continued through the Paralympics games. It has the highest share of 3.8 million with views reaching from 3 million to 20 million in less than 24 hours.

The New York Times – “The Truth Is”

Another viral ad campaign of 2017 by the New York Times was made in response to President Trump calling the Times ‘fake news’. The approach of the ad was to instill the trust of the readers and to reinforce that the New York Times was going to stand for the truth amidst the ocean of falsehood. Through the ad, they aimed to communicate that the New York Times was a trusted source in a time when the concept of truth is up for debate. These campaigns resulted in 20 million views across youtube, facebook, and twitter and also earned 276,000 new digital subscribers to NYT.

TURKISH AIRLINES -Safety Video with the Lego movie characters

When it comes to safety, humor is probably not the best tool to use in an ad. But the Turkish Airlines did the complete opposite and managed to hit the jackpot with the usage of the characters from The Lego Movie Franchise. This ad talks about flight safety as well as the facilities of the 15 different aircraft models in the Turkish Airlines fleet. The ad described as “smallest cast ever assembled” succeeded in entertaining and informing customers the valid details. The presence of the characters like Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman and others went on to grab 25.2 million views on youtube.

There is no single mantra in making an ad go viral. The backbone of a viral advertisement is that out-of-the-box idea or the strategy that got marinated over a course of time. Few tools that aid the process are like emotional appeal, authenticity, humor and puns, wit, rigid facts and etc. But before the release, nobody can actually assure if the ad will exceed the limit of viewers’ attention and likes than that of the others! Despite so, with potential content, the agency geeks never give up in shooting these videos aiming at us only in hopes that they will reach most of us before time runs out and a new viral ad takes over!