Right promotional products to satisfy your customers aesthetically!

What are the promotional products?

Doesn’t everybody love free giveaways and promotional products? Especially when it is from their favorite brand or is a product that they’d love to own. Promotional products are palpable items which have the advertiser’s name imprinted on them and serve the marketing strategy of increasing brand recognition. Promotional products could be anything from pens, T-shirts, and caps to redeemable Xbox and free air tickets as long as they are effective and present the brand image in the best way possible.

Why do brands use promotional products?

romotional products increase brand recognition and keep the customers loyal towards the brand as some products remain useful even after the campaign is over. Customers come back to the brand, they received a promo product from because they liked the campaign and what the brand sold. Such products also increase leads as promotion network generally spreads through word of the mouth causing an increase in sales as well as promotion. Choosing the right product for promotional giveaways is very important as it becomes the face of the brand for that campaign. The product has to match what the brand stands for, what it’s trying to deliver and what it aims to achieve from the current promotion. Marketers come up with quirky and interesting ideas while promoting their products, keeping them in line with the seasonal and latest trends to achieve maximum outreach of the product and brand recognition. The right promotional product works wonders in increasing product and brand value and also increases customer loyalty.

How would you achieve the desired results?

The most important factor to consider while choosing the right promotional product is to make sure that the product will deliver the results an organization is looking for through that promotion. Whatever item is chosen, it has to represent the brand at its best, have the most outreach and increase the brand’s value as much as it can. The aim is to achieve the goals set by the organization for the campaign through that particular promotional product.

Definitely, get to know who your target audiences are.

Knowing the target audience will give a better idea about which would be the right promotional product for that audience. Promotional products, be it any kind, serve the purpose to an extent. But to decide which is the best product to giveaway, one has to understand whom the campaign is aimed at. Factors like gender, profession, age group are to be taken into consideration when selecting the promo product for a particular campaign. One should also consider the size of the target audience and then select a product most suitable to that amount of people.

What is your location?

The promotional product being given out has to correlate with the location of the campaign. If it’s an event at a professional workplace with IT professionals, Flash USB drives or coffee mugs or pen stands would be the best option. Similarly, the best products at an outdoor sporting event would be wristbands, caps, sippers.

It must be brand-oriented.

A promo product represents its brand or organization. Hence, they need to be correlative. The purpose of marketing with promotional products is to increase brand recognition. If the product functions are entirely different from the brand services in the market, it will confuse consumers and fail to present the association between them.

Make it innovative and utile!

The product used for the promotion doesn’t necessarily need to be a mainstream item. Marketers come up with unique, out of the box ideas for products that can be used for promotions. The products can be as unique as possible but the idea is to have cost-effective and durable items which are attractive, enjoyable and are useful in the long run. Marketers also use seasonal and festive themes for product ideas to keep them trendy and the consumers interested.

Make it known.

Last but not least, whichever product is used for promotion, it has to have the brand logo imprinted on it so that it represents the brand on its own. The larger the imprint, the better the chance of people recognizing the brand’s logo. This also helps in advertising your brand through the people using the promo product with the brand logo on it.