The ideal funny commercial is a direct shot from the glass, that when absorbed, it takes you to a different plane of consciousness- We temporarily forget the petty issues and everyday frustrations that seem to swirl about in our lives. What’s more is the joy of experiencing its hangover- Some of us (myself including) even get excited to throw-up the catchphrase of a hilarious commercial which probably aired after watching last night’s episode of ‘Dr. House.’

But not all ads hit the right note while hoping to be received by viewers as humorous. A recent finding suggests that ads tend to go off key when using certain genres of humor that typically include mockery, parodies, kitsch and dark humor. Despite the risk of humor in ads being perceived unfavorably, and despite research findings that prove humor used in ads seldom aid persuasion; there are still plenty of products out there that solely rely upon humor for their branding in order to effectively drum their message in to the memory of the target audience.

94% of advertising experts see humor as a powerful tool to grab hold of the prospective customer’s attention. Let’s have a look at some of the Indian commercials that have managed make humor an effective means to send us smiling to the store to purchase their brand’s products.

1. Fevicol- The Ultimate Adhesive

Even the ad succeeds in sticking on to our memories.

2. Heinz- Takes a while to come out

The ad’s so good; you don’t ‘take a while’ to hit that repeat button.

3. The Hindu- Stay Ahead

When the Royals went the motivational way

Hitting their competitor where it matters!

4. Geojit BNP Paribas- Benefit from Transparency

Glad the ad didn’t go a level beyond the glasses & wig. Phew!