Behind every successful logo there is a story behind its creation. There is a lot of thought process, time and energy that goes in, in order to create the perfect logo that weaves the brand ethos, values and stories. The basic function of a logo is to create awareness, impact, recall value and give an overall identity to the brand. They help in connecting the brand to its consumers. With all that being said, logos play a vital role in brand communication.

There are many logos with creatively placed hidden elements and symbols that play well with the persona of the brand. Whether it is, the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo or the smile that extends from A to Z in the Amazon logo, the creative teams who have designed these logos have simply owned the job. Here is a list of the top 10 creative logos with the best hidden messages. Disclaimer: Prepare to be mind blown.

  1. Le tour de France

    If you notice carefully the yellow spot not only signifies a sunny day but also a wheel. The ‘R’ in tour is also designed in a way to depict a cyclist crouching to ride a cycle.
  2. Baskin Robbins

    The ‘B’ and ‘R’ not only signifies the brand name but also has the number 31(written in pink) to represent its 31 original flavours.
  3. Unilever

    The various elements incorporated in the ‘U’ weren’t chosen randomly. They depict the services and industries Unilever offers. For eg: the lip symbol portrays the beauty sector.
  4. BMW

    The white portion in the logo depicts a propeller and the blue section represents the sky. This is to show the aviation background of the brand.
  5. Amazon

    The smile in the logo not only represents happy customers but extends from A to Z signifying the variety in their product range.
  6. FedEx

    The negative space between E and X is shaped like an arrow which depicts its speed, reliability and accuracy.
  7. LG

    The logo not only depicts a face but the face inside the logo is made out of an ‘L’ and a ‘G’.
  8. Sony Vaio

    The logo is a perfect combination of analogue and digital technology. The ‘V’ and ‘A’ forms an analogue wave and the ‘I’ and ‘O’ represents the binary 1 and 0.
  9. Toblerone

    If you look closely, the mountain (Matterhorn Mountain) has a hidden bear on it which traces back to where the chocolate originally came from.
  10. Continental

    Continental being a famous tyre brand has incorporated that element in their logo. If you observe carefully you’ll see that the ‘C’ and ‘O’ forms a 3D picture of a tyre.