Talking Jingles in Advertising

Music in the advertising industry is a most intriguing topic. Not only does it have a ringing effect on the mind but the way it serves to enhance the message of the product / service / brand being advertised is worthy of academic insight.

A jingle can effect or alter the mood in a pleasant manner, making the customer react more favourably towards a particular brand or product. The customer also tends to directly make the connection between the music and the product in question, even outside the sphere of contact. Many tunes / jingles become iconic in their synonymy with the brand and the consumer can make an instant connection, regardless of place and time.

Here’s an article by Science Daily that talks about mood and how emotional responses are triggered by music that details it in an extensive way:


Hence, it is very important to study the impact music and rhythm has on the buying behaviour of individuals, especially when it comes to mood. If there is a TVC with fast tempo and energetic music, the brand will be perceived as so. The viewer is bound to feel excited and upbeat by it. On the other hand, if the same TVC is played with gentle, jazzy beats, the viewer will be filled with a sense of calmness and soothing.

It’s up to advertisers to find ways to create an emotional connect with their audience. Hence, jingles play a very important role. There are bound to be at least a few jingles that have stood out to you and that you remember distinctively. There may be several reasons as to why you remember them. The prime concern while composing a jingle is that it must match the brand image and it must be in congruence with what the brand wants to convey.

When it’s intelligently used, they stick. Take McDonald’s for example, their ‘Pada pa pa pa’ sound makes an instantaneous connection even today. Then there are brands like Nirma whose jingle has been used so widely for jokes and memes. Even till today, you can still hear people singing the Dermi Cool jingle during the Indian summer season. They worked because they stood out during their time and had a universal appeal.

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Here’s a video by AIB and Voctronica giving tribute to come classic Indian ads:


Jingles create ‘Top of Mind Awareness’ (or TOMA, as its known). The idea is to create a stimulus that immediately makes you think of a particular brand. For example, every time you hear that Airtel jingle produced by A R Rahman, you know what it is, and the moment you hear ‘chubhti jalti garmi’, Dermi Cool pops up in your mind. The aim is to put the brand out there.

The innate ability that music has to grab the attention of consumers is an important tool that can go a long way in making a connect with viewers. So, if you’re an advertiser who also happens to have a sharp ear for melody, rhythm and rhyme, you better put those tools to good use and get to work. Innovate, experiment and try new things. You never know, there’s always something right around the corner.

That being said, everybody’s favourite jingle writer has to be Charlie Sheen’s character from the hit series, Two and a Half Men.