FW0CCP Business person writing and working, wearing smart watch


As it is our Home base, we’ve got a lot of affection and respect for the city of Bangalore. And watching it boom over the last decade in economy, infrastructure and IT and experience an incredible degree of elevation in the country has benefited us significantly in terms of exposure and opportunities. Add its’ superb climate friendliness to the mix and it’s easy to see why everyone wants to move here.

And while arguments can be had about what effect it’s had on the traffic. There’s no denying that there’s been a wealth of opportunity that’s been created and that directly corresponds to its’ status and why it’s known as the start-up capital of the country. With so many smart people from all over the country (and the globe) seeing so many different things here, it’s a natural place to foster a Business environment that is progressive in nature and demands more flexibility.

And hence, being creative in advertising in important in this particular, relatively progressive Indian city. The realization is that there are people smarter than you working all around the clock to build better lives should offer enough incentive for young people to be more creative, be more informed, be more aware of their surroundings and worldwide trends. So that they can apply themselves wholeheartedly to their endeavours. Companies both large and small are on the lookout for new perspectives and there have to be people who need to come up with them. Being boring and routine won’t really help your goals in this case.

Lastly, Creativity can also remove some of the stigma from the Advertising Industry. If the ads are genuinely creative, have some hidden subtext and have socially conscious undertones (best case scenario) then creative people can hold up their heads high and declare that their work has some artistic merit and is not just propaganda or PR for corporations ( A reputation that in my opinion, is unjustified overall). There are a plethora of NGOs and Non Profits that can be benefited via great ads. They are a medium in which some of the best creative work can be done and should not be able to taken for granted.

If you’re someone who lives in the city and is reading this, we hope what you read above will encourage you to and hold back your cynicism and seek it out.