Sweet and catchy, radio jingles are short songs or tunes with at least one hook, used in advertising to promote a specific product or service. Jingles are usually complemented by the use of advertising slogans as a sign off.


Jingles can also be used to establish or reinforce brand image. People living in the city tune into the radio for long periods of time at a stretch, especially when travelling to work and back. This makes the radio a precise, efficient medium for targeted marketing. When you know your target audience is sitting in their cars, bored out of their wits, and probably looking for a particular product or service to make their lives a little more interesting, rhyme and rhythm are the way to go.


The first radio jingle, Wheaties, sung to the tune of ‘Jazz Baby’, prevented the shutdown of what is today not only one of America’s most iconic breakfast cereals but also a part of American folklore, like Oreos ‘N Milk.