The trimming of ad lengths over the years

Ads have infiltrated almost every single platform, online as well as offline. The omnipresence of ads has only grown over the past few years. This growing traction is credited to their adaptive nature. In a fast-moving world, the advertising world is faster and more adaptable.

Smaller attention spans, smaller ads

It is no doubt that our attention spans are declining year by year but it is surprising, and also concerning, learning how much they have declined. According to neuroscientific studies, the average human attention span has shrunk from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to just eight seconds now, a second shorter than that of a goldfish.

Nonetheless, advertisements have risen up to the challenge of capturing these small attention spans. Marketers have experimented with ads of various durations – from 45 seconds to 5 seconds ads, and now even those that last for only 3 seconds.

Nothing remains constant

Advertising and marketing trends quickly change based on the vibes of the time. To take advantage of our increasingly digitized lifestyles, ads are now personally targeted for the user and they are also interactive, making it easier to track the footprint of a particular ad. Our lives have become so fast-paced that we are greeted with content as short and catchy as possible. Serving bite-sized ads now have become the latest advertising trend, and it is one which is proving to be most effective.

Unskippable 6-second has been popularised by YouTube and they are the most common kind of ads seen today. Longer ads which you can skip after 5 seconds have, in fact, made people more grateful for shorter ads. Smaller ads are reportedly more enjoyable and attention worthy.

Changing platforms

Television screens and billboards are no longer prime real estate for advertisers. It is now mobile phones and other handheld devices which occupy the majority of the ad distribution pie. Marketers are now shifting their attention to ads which work better on mobile phones.

In 2018, mobile ad spending increased 20 percent, accounting for 75 percent of all ad spend. In-app mobile video advertising is also on the rise, predicted to grow from 78 percent in 2018 to 84 percent in 2023.

Studies have shown shorter ads to be more impactful today. Advertisers are coming up with ways to drive home key messages and establish brand imaging as succinctly and creatively as possible. Consumption habits change with changing advertising trends and vice-versa. A large majority of purchases are credited to clever advertising methods. Advertising is a constantly evolving field and right now, short video ads are doing very well for themselves. It remains to be seen how they will do in the coming years and what the next big advertising trend will be.