Top 6 Brands that took advantage of IPL 2019 for advertising

Cricket is seen as a deep-rooted culture in India that sparks excitement in people of all ages. The Indian cricket team is the one that unites this diversified culture into one big happy family but IPL does the opposite. The IPL fans here cheer for their home team wearing bright coloured jerseys of their favourite players.

Summer means IPL and IPL means big rivalries, sixes and nail-biting finishes. But, Are fans the only ones excited about IPL? Brands are way more excited than the die-hard fans of the game, we have seen in all these years brands are always looking to capitalise cricket to increase their visibility in the market and boost their revenue. The Indian Premier League has been growing tremendously every year and over 557 crore rupees has been spent on advertising on the very first week of the tournament.

Even though we see so many brands advertising in this cricketing season there are only a few brands that capture cricket in their advertising and marketing strategy to stand out. Here are the top 6 brands that created a connection with cricket and their campaign this IPL 2019:


In this list, Vodafone is the oldest player that has been targeting cricket fans rigorously over the years. In IPL 2019 Vodafone is continuing it’s “Unofficial Sponsor of Fans” campaign, which celebrates the hardcore fans of the game. And a part of this campaign is their “FANtastic Break Contest” by which fans win an iPhone X every day by visiting Vodafone’s FB page to answer the questions posted, every ad break of the match.


We have seen this food delivery player come up with hashtags that connect their business and cricket like #WhataDelivery. Similarly, Swiggy has come up with three interesting ideas that urge fans to order food during the cricket match. The first of them is the “Match Day Mania” offer where fans get up to 60% off on their orders from 7 pm onwards. Second is the “Swiggy6” offer and in this fans have to use the code swiggy6 within 6 minutes after a 6 has been hit in the match, to avail up to 60% off. The third idea is to aid the fans in ordering food without missing out on the game. After detailed research, Swiggy found a similarity with their customer base and Hotstar’s user base and they were the youngsters so, they introduced Swiggy pop option in Hotstar to give the fans an option to order food while watching their idols smash the opposition.


The travel planner has come up with its own way of incentivising the fans of RCB and KKR teams. “The Travel Cash Fest” campaign gives out travel cash when fans keep the Goibibo app open during the matches that involve either of the teams.


While every brand decided to offer attractive prizes, rewards & best deals with their matchday contests, Paytm chose to stand out of the clutter by taking an emotional route to connect with the game. The campaign “Kisi ki life ka Paytm bano” is set at an emotional tone and the first ad film of ad film series was launched on the first week of IPL. It takes place in a narrow street where kids are playing street cricket, the batsman hits the ball high which in turn breaks the neighbour’s glass. Immediately after the incident, a man who was playing with the kids transfers the required repair charges to the house owner via Paytm. This act of kindness was through Paytm made the day of the kids.


Even though the app had 202 million viewers in 2018, they felt that there is still a lot more potential in increasing the number of viewers. This “Koi yaar nahi far” campaign aims at bringing friends and family together to watch the game. The app now allows viewers to add their friends and family to watch the game with them and also chat with everyone they have added. Also, the “Watch n Play” game on Hotstar introduced a new private leaderboard for friends apart from the global leaderboard.

Dream 11

This time the fantasy sports platform did not talk about their fantasy game contest instead, they chose to celebrate the fans’ passion for the game that makes them risk everything just to play cricket. This integrated campaign consists of 6 ad films that are made in 6 different languages and all the 6 films manage to put a smile and bring a sense of nostalgia to the viewers.