The power of the phrase ‘content is king’ seems to have diluted over time.

A lot of blogs on the internet only seem to want to regurgitate the same aspects about content and content marketing and the entire thing begins to feel like an echo chamber of sorts. Sure, It was enlightening to read Bill Gates’ 1996 essay about it that correctly predicted the rise of a large amount of content creators/content jobs in the internet era but it’s hard not to feel that that due to that said boom (in my own personal opinion), everything’s become business as usual.

By which I mean that it can feel like there are too many people trying to do the same thing, which can be disappointing.

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Compared to say a neurosurgeon, content creators have more flexible skillsets and can work in usually less-rigid task structures. It’s a job that requires creative input, critical thinking and awareness of your surroundings. The job involves not strictly following a fixed set of guidelines to solve time-tested problems but using your own input, knowledge and experience to feasibly satisfy needs and requirements. But over time, as audience needs seem to have homogenized, there seems to be less focus on quality and more on getting just the basics right enough to look saleable.

This can sometimes be a missed opportunity. Great content can create a good amount of disruption and bring new traffic to your business or website. When people talk about say, a blog or an article they read, they’re indirectly talking about you. This is something that a good number of business owners (especially small to mid-scale ones) can have difficulty understanding. An extreme focus on rigidity is all well and good but there has to be some room for innovation within it. Something to ensure that the customer connects with you on a personal level, instead of just being a passive purchaser.

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Most blogs talking about SEO and generating leads often sidestep the fact that good content genuinely creates brand awareness and brings a personal sense of organizational perspective to the consumer. Which is the bedrock of the organizational identity that the consumers successfully establish with some of the most successful companies across the globe. Maximizing clicks is fine, but it is in no way a guarantee of long form commitment. A lot of ‘clickbait’ type sites tend to quickly lose their repute and consumer base over time.

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Credibility is important to establish a user base. A well –written piece should exhibit clarity and a clear understanding of the topic in discussion and a genuine desire to inform the reader and give him/her solutions. People these days have more access to information at their disposal than ever before, which should be more incentive for writers to want to stand out. They have a bigger canvas at their disposal in which to be creative and informative. Well written articles always have a way of finding their audience, even if it takes a while.

Our pitch to eager copywriters/bloggers/content writers is this: Put quality first. It’s what will help your organization/client and your work stand out. In the end, your work will last and will have contributed to aiding others. That’s more important than anything else.