An individual is constantly networking, right from having their first conversation in the morning to having the last one at night. Strange but true, building up an interactive business relationship is of utmost importance, it helps like minded people come together, build a strong foundation of networks and contacts and execute ideas into unbelievable examples of business success. This results, in business professionals becoming so comfortable with each other that they can pick up the phone, send an email, offer information, and even ask each other for support. Because they are well acquainted with what each other does, they begin to understand exactly whom to call for what services and this helps them save enormous amounts of time, money and effort. Trust is another crucial factor for a person to build his/her contact base. Trust is so momentous that it helps build stronger relationships within your network, helps these relationships become effective social assets that in turn become beneficial for future business acquisitions.


Business Interaction requires networking, a technique of building and sustaining mutual beneficial relationships. Networking is not about flaunting a business you have a succeeded in accomplishing, there is why business professionals from different industries share and build up their contact bases. Networking is that kind of communication that one can initiate from home, at work, in a community, with other professionals located in different places around the world. There are two kinds of networking, formal and informal. Formal networking is usually set up with a specific goal in mind e.g. Regular communication or meetings between people representing a particular service, organization or issues. This king of interaction usually takes place between people who are going to work on something together, e.g. Evaluation of community or customer needs; evaluation of funding for operation groups to work on a particular issue. These interactions could take place for a short period of time or an ongoing basis, whatever the situation, it is extremely beneficial to confirm them all the time. Informal networking or interactions on, the other hand are genuine friendships acquired from employment or social circles. Informal interactions can also be done cautiously for better employment opportunities.

Many people have a Rolodex full of names. The question is how many of them would savvy business professionals genuinely want to help? Which of them would go out of their way to, certainly help if an individual would call them for some assistance? If people don’t know much about that particular individual, areas of supporting and helping each other out becomes extremely difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to keep one’s business intelligence & statistics organized and up to date. It is also beneficial to Think about the quality of a professional, company associate and manage unhealthy relationships with utmost care.

Everyone can be useful in a business professional’s profile. Some of them; who may serve as decision makers while the other professionals affect everyone with thoughts and visualization processes. What’s most notable is that they share your values and their actions reflect the character to your life. One must always review his/her connections periodically to determine whether they are connected to the right audience to generate more success. Because it’s not a perfect world, a business professional should always invest, understand and establish negotiations with the best in the industry instead of wasting his/her time with the wrong kind of connections.

Networking is an essential part of building wealth.
-Armstrong Williams

For a concentrated win over networking success, one must be aware of all three aspects of communication- body language, voice and words. One must know how to make the best use of their collected business cards and get the most from their clients with regard to technology and other modes of communication. At the heart and soul of any networking interaction is a discussion; one must be prepared to discuss confidently to clients and figure out what kind of requirement is necessary. It is always essential to build a strong first impression after which there is a chance for one’s company to be invited to successful conferences and trade shows.

There is nothing that builds confidence more than knowing the best practices. Knowing the best practices gives every business man peace of mind so much so that they know how to conduct themselves in front of potential business providers. One must Think before you dial, Prepare for events, Connect more effectively. It is essential for a charming Networker to have a networking survival gear before he/she heads to an event, conference or meeting e.g. Name badges, company profile, product descriptions, work samples etc.

Very few people follow up after such events and even fewer still know how to follow up, the difference between successful networking and using ineffective networking to follow-up. One’s goal should be to obtain all the success in the world by expressing their thoughts, professionally. One must keep his/her network system secure and healthy. Because when a system has been maintained, a person will never have to start from scratch again. It is extremely valuable to be a lifelong learner who can easily add business networking to his/her portfolio talents.

It’s not what you know but whom you know that makes the difference!.