Let’s talk about apps/games and see how they help us in whatever we are doing.

You’re probably wondering now as to what are the uses of an app? What are the best apps? How so they get viral and how will this affect your brand. We will answer each and every question here for you:

What are the uses of an app?

Applications are built for the following reasons:

  • To increase Brand Loyalty
  • To increase fan/ user interactivity
  • To increase the amount of frequent buyers/customers

To a large extent, every app should be rewarding, in small ways: either give points or gratify people who follow the app religiously.

What are the latest and best Business Apps?

Everybody on Facebook has experienced a mad rush of playing Farmville or playing random games on their phones or simply downloading internet radio to listen to music all day long. All these apps have had a great turnover of people interacting with them on a daily basis which to a large extent has led to a certain kind of virality amongst different targeted age groups all round the world.

Because these apps are getting viral, many industries want to create apps of their own. For example The Network Blog on Facebook was created so that freelance bloggers will enjoy a Facebook app that enables them to announce fresh posts automatically in their social network, BBC has their own app on mobile phones so that the audience can watch news updates live from their phones.
Owing to the best apps made over the many platforms available today, we will be talking mainly about Apps/games that have boosted the presence of numerous industries on Facebook. The following apps have been played by over 100 million users in the month of Feb.

The following are the best apps made in the last two months:

Looks like Zynga bags it up for having the best apps on Facebook, the first spot goes to ‘Farmville 2’ – A virtual game about managing your farm using the help of your friends, other famous games were also created by Zynga, they were called Candy Crush Saga & Coasterville. These games basically are highly addictive, demand that the user’s friends help him at all times, also gives away certain amount of incentives after which the user will have to purchase special items and so on so forth. Many brands like Lee, McDonalds, Make My Trip, BBC, Tabasco, alcohol & cigarette brands have increased fan base and interaction levels because of games like this. The technology used is extremely fascinating; it is this technology that makes the user craves to use apps and games.

Bento is a tremendously flexible administrative app that can get your business or your everyday life in order. One can also use 25 ready-to-use database templates. GoToMyPC for iPad helps you control your computer while away from your work area. If you’re looking to sync & shuffle files between your iPad, desktop & phone Dropbox for iPad is a must, it’s simple to use, free, and offers offline file access as well. Monster.com, one of the leading online employment services, makes job-hunting couch-compatible with its fun, free iPad/Facebookapp.

The Facebook-owned mobile photo sharing app Instagram is the No. 1 most popular app in terms of monthly active users logging in with Facebook. One year ago, Instagram had only 3 million Facebook-connected. Now it has more than 44.8 million, you can see from here that so many apps are using new technology to get noticed online.

How do apps get viral?

Making an app go viral is not an easy job; it comes with great study and taking the risk of allowing you to do something interesting. However, to create a viral flow with these apps/games one must know about “The Viral Loop.” This loop is made up by the following formula:

Viral Measurement: (average no of users who are invited by every active user of the app) + (proportion of users that actually join or convert into active users) + (percentage of active users that invite other users)

Suppose the viral measurement is greater than 1 percent, then the chances of the app going viral to major areas of the world is 80 percent. The golden rule of a viral to spread is sharing the information is a manner when you don’t spam your user, you share everything on first hand basis, post that you have to monitor if the user shares the invite to their friends, so what one really needs to concentrate on how interactive the app/game should be.
Viral Impact: Once the information is truthful, intelligent and interesting, people will share them automatically.

How do apps helps in boosting a brands performance, sales & marketing?

Applications are made specifically for a particular target audience, whether Facebook or mobile apps, reaching out to people through these platforms shows how intelligent the brand is, it also throws light on how passionate a brand is to create that kind of interaction with its users.

Once the users interact with the app, it demands either sharing it with friends, playing it to the finish, getting gratified for sharing or playing, whatever the app, it must have a great interface for interaction, it is only then that one person will share it with ten others and this is how virality begins and before you know it, the app has boosted the brand’s presence by around 50 percent which in turn helps online & offline visibility of a brand that helps a customer interact with. And this, friend, is ultimately what drives sales.