Is AI the Future of Digital Marketing?

Marketing is a promotional strategy to introduce and inform the consumer market about various products and services available to the potential customer.For a company, the product has to be presented before the public in order to get their attention and convince them to buy the product.

Digital marketing is nothing but the same process where modern,digital methods are involved to achieve the goal by reaching out to an internet-based audience. Digital marketing comprises a number of methods through which information is transmitted to the target audiences, where technology serves as a vanguard.

Since the world is on the verge of attaining complete digitalisation in every form of analogue methods, it is necessary for marketing strategies to stay relevant and swim with the tide. We are accessing almost everything through a single touch in a 5-inch display. In such a sense, it has become imperative to push messages and information to smartphones in an effective way. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more adaptable in the evolving digital platforms to assist users with self-analysis and proper outcomes. They have got a set of algorithms to respond to certain messages.

The recommendations that appear on the screen when we purchase anything through shopping websites happen due to the AI setup that runs behind it. The same goes with real-time bidding and programmatic advertising. In the coming years, AI might carry the advertising industry to a whole new level.

The AI revolution has been radicalising almost every stage starting from ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ to ‘Speech / Text Recognition’. This process gives free and open platforms through which marketing strategies can be done without any barriers. A few years ago, it was required to type the exact keyword or title for getting an intended result. But now, the search results have been optimised to give accurate information along with the right products that are available on shopping websites. For example, with Google’s advanced search results, it is now quite easy to reap better results even when a spelling mistake or a grammatical error occurs. SEO has managed to help in many ways by improving a site’s ranking in the SERPs. It acts as a catalyst for augmenting traffic for websites and thereby in returns on investment (ROI). The SEO skill has to be in a foremost position for making updates to the site and maintain its ranking.

The future of advertising or marketing in AI is opening various doors to reach the public in the best way possible. Some of the best AI techniques used in the future of digital marketing could be:

  1. Three-dimensional image production – By giving consumers a taste of the actual size and structure of the product online. It could result in drastic increase in sales since the customer will be able to purchase the item by seeing it.
  2. Content generation – Now machines have started generating contextual content, however they are not likely to replace people as the actual creators of content.
  3. Recommendation engines – That have been active for the past few years by providing better choices, might optimise its recommendation results in syncing with the customer’s choice, with the help of customer segmentation. The SSP (Supply-side platform) and DSP (Demand-side platform) are being used extensively for disseminating information to the target audience via proper platforms.

Digital marketing, thus, in collaboration with AI can contribute to improving customer experience and support, provide the ability to improve upon existing products and services, increase net promoter scores, etc. According to Forbes, 58% of general enterprises are dependent on AI for tackling down serious marketing-related problems, giving priority to personalised customer care and new product development. IDC, a premier global marketing intelligence firm, foresees that by the year 2020, there will be a significant increase in real-time personalised advertisements and optimised messages that target accuracy, context and precision, will be carried across several digital platforms. We can hope that, with machine learning and other significant developments in AI, contribute towards strengthening customer relationships and marketing strategies for optimising the procedures involved in digital marketing.