Advertising Appeals

The ultimate goal of advertising is to persuade people to buy a product or service, and advertising appeals are the ways in which this goal can be achieved. Though sex appeal is one of the oldest and highly effective methods, it is not the only successful method.

Rational Appeal

This appeal focuses on the features, ingredients, price, quantity and quality of the product. Such an approach is taken by advertisers when it is necessary to highlight how the product solves the problems faced by the consumers, or to show in what way the product is different from that of a competitor. Smartphone brands often employ rational appeal in order to explain new features the phone has such as battery life, screen ratio, speed and camera.

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Humour is the most effective tool to increase the amount of retention among the audience and it can be implemented in almost every product and service. The retention factor is directly proportionate to how relatable the context of the ad is, i.e., the target audience must find the ad relatable. Thus, it is very important to clearly define who the target group is. Humour can also have a negative impact on the brand if it is offensive in any manner.

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Fear equates urgency. We have all come across phrases like limited offer, one time offer, closing soon, etc. – these phrases makes the audience feel that they might miss out on something unless they act immediately. Mild fear is employed in products like toothpaste, soap, mosquito repellant and cooking oil. The products and services that are associated with health and life such as insurance, tobacco products, tyres, helmets, etc., often invoke feelings of fear in the audience.

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Sex Appeal

It is one of the most effective methods to grab the consumer’s attention. Though attention is good in a way, using sex appeal is also seen as demoralizing. Sex appeal does not mean that the ad shows nudity, subtle cues of sex would be enough to turn a lot of heads.

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Apart from humour, music also has a higher retention. Music is closely linked to emotions and memories. Advertisers often use rhyming words like jingles along with tunes that trigger happy emotions and positive associations. This makes the audience remember it easily and associate the brand with good feelings. Music is mostly used in radio and TV advertising.


Nothing is as effective as the word-of-mouth marketing. This method creates a sense of trust and assurance for the target audience. The testimonial ads show customers, who have used the product or service, talking about their experience with the brand. The viewers are also much more likely to buy the product when it is endorsed by their favourite celebrities.

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Not every emotion that is linked with the brand is impactful. If the brand fails to create an identify and express itself in an emotionally relevant manner, it could easily fall behind the competition. However, when crafted well, the brand would create a huge impact and win loyal customers.