About us

We are an award winning advertising agency. We believe in transforming business through creativity.

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We are -

  • A creative bunch, often called “Circuit 9ers”.
  • Independently owned, unhindered by holding companies.
  • A multidisciplinary full service advertising agency.
  • Medium agnostic, our ideas cut across all boundaries.
  • Enthusiastic, creative, and easy to work with.
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We Think -

  • Clients are partners in the creative process.
  • Brands are built on ground-breaking ideas.
  • Strategy is more important than tactics.
  • Consumers are much more than target audiences.
  • Great minds discuss ideas.
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We create - We create

  • Experiences that differentiate brands.
  • Strategy that creates benchmarks.
  • Campaigns that make heads turn.
  • Designs that cut through noise.
  • Success that speaks its own story.
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We believe - We believe

  • Our clients come first, always.
  • A piece of paper can’t replace a briefing.
  • Emails aren’t substitutes for a face-to-face chat.
  • Assumptions are hazardous, it’s always better to ask.
  • If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.



We’re an unpretentious, flexible, and easy-to-work-with close knit team.

The Maverick

Popularly known as AJ, he’s been an advertising addict for more than a decade now, and done everything from print media to dotcoms to marketing communications. Ajay has managed prestigious brands like Microsoft, Apollo Munich Heath Insurance, Uninor, Panasonic, Reuters, Huawei, Domino’s, Best Foods and many more in his previous role as Business Director at Quasar Media (a GroupM Company). Always enthused by everything related to the web and mobile, he is recognized as one of the strongest advertising professionals in the country, and carries very good relationships with advertisers and publishers.
Raghu S
The Challenger

Raghu’s unique background of working both at an agency and as well as client side has given him a distinctive advantage in the advertising industry. A brilliant designer, he brings extensive experience from his previous roles at Origami, Sobha Developers and Puravankara. His strengths include a strong strategic understanding of client requirements, boundless energy and a keen eye for great design. He also knows the importance of generating lots of ideas in order to create one great one. Raghu is also an avid photographer, and his positive attitude, creative thinking and ability to execute make him an asset to any team.
The Trailblazer

Richa is everything the ideal creative director should be and more, packed into an immensely lively and energetic body. With the wackiest and the most spontaneous creative ideas she not only directs the creative team; but brings an element of fun into work. With over a decade of experience and expertise in the advertising industry, she takes up any challenge thrown her way with confidence and composure. Being an avid reader and an inspiring visualizer, she tremendously contributes to both content and design. Playing the role of a guide, a guardian and the chief motivator, she keeps the Circuit 9 team grounded and cheerful.
The Strategist

Kalyan not only boasts one of the most impressive LINKEDIN profiles you can find, he is a thoughtful, articulate and humorous personality that reflects all that said experience. Having an experience of two decades in Marketing and Advertising dealing with large clients like Titan, ITC, WIPRO, AMD & Unilever as a business head, he is seemingly a guru at complex briefs and marketing problems. Multi-tasking is his style, thanks to his rich experience in organisations like Sony Music, Lintas, Draft FCB, Enterprise Nexus & Puravankara.
Usually, seen wandering around office with a vaping device, he is always 5 steps ahead of you.
Karan Kashiappa
The Envisioner

With exceptional design ability and the capacity to pull out quick and proficient design work, Karan has won many hearts at Circuit 9. With years of experience as a senior designer he brings to life any idea with his excellent colour sense, conceptualization and artistic talent. He is mostly found sitting in front of his system with his earphones blaring with music; but every now and then turns around to deliver his well-known ‘burns’ and clever comebacks. Being a hard worker, he executes his work with utmost passion and dedication, which reflects very well on his design. Watch out for his beard, it can give any man an inferiority complex.
The Conceptualizer

Constantly bursting with energy, Shalu as she is fondly called, adds that spark of life to any dull Monday morning. Packed with amazing design sense and an eye for detail, her strength lies in her ability to quickly adapt, act and create marvellously as an artist. She is passionate about anything she sets her heart to and does her job wholeheartedly with love. Whether it is work or play, she puts in one hundred percent effort into creating the best of the best for Circuit 9. Being a ‘people person’ she goes that extra mile in getting to know people; at the same time runs away from any animal that crosses her path. Her loquacious nature keeps her indulging in conversations about anything, everything and sometimes nothing.
The Artificer

Nandu or Nandu bhai as he is fondly called is a man of few words; but every now and then he has these witty comebacks that lighten up the mood of the entire office. He is constantly glued to his system while producing incredible design after design. With exceptional skills and a creative bend of mind, he brings life to so many concepts with his wonderful designs. Being a hardcore foodie, he takes his biriyani’s and chicken very seriously. There is no messing with him and his sharp timing, whether it is work, fun or food. Playing the role of a ‘guru’ to many people at Circuit 9, he is the go-to person for any kind of advice.

The Storyteller

We lovingly call her Nivi and being the ‘baby’ of our office, she is always compassionate and devoted to checking copies and taglines that leave our studio. Yes, she has an OCD with words, spacing, caps and commas. Do not fall for her dreamy, cheerful and doll -like-personality, as she is an enthu cutlet of the dark side. Well, we like to call it that. She’s also known to be a die-hard WWE fan-girl and is in fact a proud owner of John Cena t-shirts. She’s a no nonsense kind of girl, who really takes the art of copywriting very seriously. With her pleasing personality and inspiring swagger over the English language, she is quite the life of our copy-world.

The Networker

Swati or ‘choti’ is perhaps the life and soul of fun in the office. With her soft, sweet personality and a tad bit (yeah, right) of eccentricity, she successfully manages to get the creative team on their toes at all times. When she isn’t winning over clients with her ravishing persona, you can find her educating the office about all things, from British accents to green tea to ‘correct’ pronunciations. Bustling with creativity, energy and the passion to learn, Swati is a multi-tasker who involves herself equally in the creative side, as she does with the client servicing bit. Alert: you could overdose on her cuteness, but who’s complaining?
The Visualizer

Faraz is our super creative designer who is silent but does killer work. Being proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects, he is a black belt in bringing mere concepts to life. With a keen sense of colour and the ability to conceptualize, he adds his ray of shine to all our designs. His main domain of expertise being web design and VFX. Being a complete outdoorsy guy, he is very a passionate athlete and takes pleasure in going on adventurous road trips and trekking. He is a die-hard Messi fan and he lives and breathes football. He is also an exceptional football player after having represented India in national level tournaments.His creativity reflects very well on his ability to churn out quick and outstanding design.
The Innovator

Shakthi is the digital black-belt of Circuit 9. Being a pro at various software’s such as CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator & Premiere Pro, she is capable of giving many digital designers a run for their money. She is a firm, rooted and cheerful girl, who compulsorily stands up for everything she believes in. Her editing skills isn’t the only thing that is killer, her driving skills are insanely good too. Her every day is like a successful and exciting game of Roadrash, which she never fails to win. When she isn’t owning the art of designing, she is mastering the art of cooking, with her lip-smacking authentic Tamil delicacies that keep the office drooling for more and more.
Karan Negi
The Philosopher

Popularly known as Negi, Karan is a super creative writer and conceptualizer with out-of-the-box ideas about anything and everything. He is everything that a typical creative guy is – humorous, off-beat and a wee bit eccentric. He is filled with a great sense of (dark) humour and never fails to express it. He is usually a man of few words, unless of course some bizarre topic comes up. Apart from his killer taglines and exceptional blogs he is hardcore gamer and would kill you if you disturb him when he is playing. He also takes pride in being a big time movie buff who has great knowledge in various genres of film.

Harshal Sancheti
The Communicator

Harshal our brilliant project head is known for his UI/UX and Digital marketing. He loves food and has the eye to take a kickass picture of the same every now and then. Creativity runs in his blood, but that’s mainly used to craft epic Hindi comebacks in our office every now and then. With his excellent communication skills, he always guides the team by sharing his experience and knowledge. So there he is, the only calm in the asylum we call our office. He is also Mr. Goodie Goodie Two Shoes, who is the only one who orders a mango milkshake when the rest of us order beers.

The Programmer

Being incredibly skilled with website development as well as having an immaculate technical know-how, Yusuf also possesses a charming, soft spoken personality and generally pleasant disposition that makes him a joy to everyone who interacts with. He combines a coders’ sense of precision with the eye of a designer, ensuring websites looks stylish, elegant and professional, with nary a technical glitch in sight. His expertise in HTML,CSS,JS,PHP ensures that complex problems are never too far from an immediate solution.
The Narrator

Besides giving some ‘AMAAAZZING’ copy and some ‘killer’ creative ideas, Pragya is often seen waltzing around the office with a lot to say. She is one hundred percent social, one hundred percent creative and a wee bit bizarre in her own unique way. She is curious, intelligent and has a huge appetite to learn (and eat). With some incredible writing skills, backed up with a very lovely personality, she brings a lot to the C9 table, both professionally and personally. Storytelling is an art, and Pragya owns it, with her ability to keep one and all completely immersed and engrossed.
The Webber

Mustafa or mustu as he is fondly called is a silent workaholic with exceptional web developing skills. Being an expert in WordPress, PHP, HTML and CSS, he is packed with creativity and abundant understanding about the web world. With his extraordinary knowledge, he never fails to impress our clients. He is a die-hard football fan and is always ready to have a long conversation about the same but the only place where you can really speak to him would be our balcony with his extra large cup of coffee. He is also a killer cook who knows his food inside out. All in all, is an art lover with great taste in music and food.

The Supervisor

Basha Sir, is Circuit 9’s go-to guy every time the team needs to party. Being on the finance side, he looks out for the company by efficiently and resourcefully handling the finance and the flow of funds. He is like a ninja when it comes to work, by swiftly putting together all the requirements of the team with ease. Even with constant pressure from the Circuit 9 team for biriyani, he manages to stay calm during all the grilling. He is a soft-spoken and quiet guy who is always pleasant and cheerful, come what may. There’s no messing with him as he keeps the team punctual and regular with his monthly review of leaves and attendance.

The Writer

She is an excellent creative and strategic thinker, with a gift for generating ideas. A highly skilled professional communicator, she is passionate about the power of words and has used them in every conceivable medium – both functionally, in generating clarity for business strategies and creatively, in implementing these across print, digital and media. She has worked with financial majors like Birla Sun Life, Barclays India and HDFC Bank, and balances a strong sense of discipline and the chaos of creativity in unique and productive ways. Chaitra’s creative writing and organizational skills position her in a key role of many of the creative efforts at Circuit 9.
The Artist

Divya’s creativity manifests in numerous mediums, including oil paintings, sculpture, drawing, and design architecture. She believes a picture is worth thousand words. She is best known for her illustration styles, beautiful designs and excellent ability to translate a variety business concepts into captivating images. Her interpretation of communication is VISUAL. Her approach of converting a complex idea into an amazing iconic representation that drives the message so straight is simply astonishing. Divya’s exhaustive work in the field of India art and culture has regularly featured in a number of prominent exhibitions.
The Innovator

Vivek is an incredibly talented and creative web and graphic designer. His strengths lie in the ability to listen to customer requirements and design needs, and to develop the mere idea into appealing visuals. His attention to detail, style and creative art is impeccable and he expresses himself marvelously as an artist. As an authority with graphic design, he is well versed with the technical tools of the trade, and has a knack for adapting to new technology. An integral part of the Circuit 9 team, he eagerly participates with the other members of the team, sharing his ideas and expertise.



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