Make Your Brand Go Viral!

Everybody has heard of YouTube. We have all spent lazy afternoons jumping from one video to another, going from music videos to silly cat and dog videos to what-not! YouTube offers a great variety of fun and entertaining content. One-third of all online activity is spent watching videos and YouTube has more than a billion active users. It is the most popular video hosting service, and allows people to share their videos and interact with other online communities. It’s nigh impossible to know the amount of time it would take to watch all the videos on YouTube. Furthermore, as the second largest search engine, it helps improve SEO and overall brand positioning.

Brands now have been creating ‘long form’ commercials mainly for YouTube. Trust is the most important factor when it comes to building relationships with the clients, and credibility comes from information. Thus, the more you show about your business, its values and define its goals, the more people understand, and watching a 15-second video is more effective than an entire page of advertising content.

Companies have equally adapted to the new 6-second bumper ad videos. YouTube is also the most preferred platform for all movie and music promotions. Every production house and music label has a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers and it is at this platform that they release all promotional content on their channel hours before it hits the big screen or television. There are even special ‘push’ buttons to increase view count. India is YouTube’s fastest growing market as well, now at almost 225 million monthly active users on mobile alone. According to the FICCI-EY Report of 2018, by 2020 the number of unique users consuming online video will reach to around 500 million.

Another community which finds YouTube a great platform for marketing are the YouTubers. This young and talented group of individuals take full advantage of the exciting features of YouTube and showcase their talents, especially stand-up comedians, musicians, cooking shows, DIY videos – experience massive popularity. Some Indian YouTube channels like AIB, Bhuvan Bam (BB ki vines), the band SANAM, Zakir Khan, etc., have earned their name and fame through making videos on YouTube which has helped them get shows. These examples have attracted many other talented artists to display their awesomeness on the internet.

In 2014, Maybelline roped in 13 influential YouTube beauty vloggers to collaborate on the promotion of the Nudes Palette. This campaign helped get more than 1.4 million clicks. 7 out of 10 people relate to You-Tubers more than traditional celebrities and more than 65 percent of audiences who view videos have brand opinions which have been largely influenced by a YouTube influencer they follow. The YouTube celebrities are regular in a way that appeals to the audience. Hence, brands’ partnering with YouTube stars to market their product is a trend that is flourishing.

On the occasion of the 10 th anniversary of YouTube having been launched in India, YouTube hosted Brandcast 2018, which was an event to help marketers understand the Indian consumers. Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer, YouTube, said that the company is seeing incredible momentum in India with daily active users doubling over the last 12 months. He added “the creators crossing the one million views mark are from all across the country with almost 60 percent of watch being clocked in from outside of the six metros”. So in this age, it has become much easier for the brand too reach the diverse range of customers with the right video advertisement..

YouTube has a number of different features and advertising options to help brands achieve their business goals.

    • Bumper Ads: 6-second videos which can increase brand reach
    • TrueView: In-stream ads which play when a viewer is watching another video
    • Video Ads Sequencing: A customised video funnel brands can create to take viewers through a journey
    • 4) Director’s Mix: Make different versions of background copy on the same video based on various parameters of the target audience

As the reach of YouTube continues to grow in the country, Businesses should start putting equal amount of focus, if not more on extending their market through video content through YouTube.